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Monthly archive October, 2013

What Is Shared Web Hosting?

What Is Shared Web Hosting? For companies, organizations, or people searching to host a website typically the most popular and price effective option is usually shared web hosting. For a lot of websites shared web hosting is the perfect solution. Shared webhosting has it’s pros Read More →

Web Hosting , Property On The Internet

Web Hosting , Property On The Internet As the web market is continuing to grow and merged into global culture, becoming a fundamental element of our lives, increasingly more companies, smaller businesses, non-profits, and people are adopting the web, all desiring their very own websites, customized for Read More →

Virtual hosting

Virtual hosting Virtual hosting is a technique which allows servers to host multiple domains title on a single computer, sometimes on a single IP (ip address) address. To put it simply, you will possess their own identity, but he won’t be needed Read More →